Industry 4.0 Solution

The connected world causes digital disruption. “high tech, high touch” as described By futurist john naisbitt in 1982 becomes a reality. Those who embrace digitization will benefit greatly while those who do not will have to face the possibility of obsolescence.


Where do you position your organization?

driven based on our very own core+ technology

  • Production dashboard
  • Manufacturing execution system
  • Ticketing and turnstile system
  • Product traceability system
  • Online ticketing and turnstile system
  • Auto measurement system
  • Real time monitoring
  • Remote sensor cloud base
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital picking system
  • Water treatment plant monitoring
  • Cloud vendor stock management system
  • Other digitization projects to improve efficiency and increase competitiveness
JDT Master
JDT Master 2

Real-time Dashboard

Real-time Monitoring Field Sensors

Wired and Wireless Gateway


Real-time Monitoring Apps IOS / Android